Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Today One Of Our Neighbors Was Killed

Today we lost a neighbor, but we can't really call him
that can we? This home had turned into one of our
drug houses recently and new faces were seen and
saw me while on safety patrol. Rough looking men,
staring hard back at me, as I made no secret, I was
watching them.
Heroin I'm told what was causing all the traffic at all
hours, their neighbors and I had been discussing it.
Most up here living are predisposed to live and let
live. Until the needles start showing up in your mom's
hedges when you try to trim them, or one of them
passes out in the street and appears to be dead. Or
another is caught attempting to steal your generator
left at mom's house after your four years stint as her
caretaker. Then it's on isn't it. The police of course
can do little and they tell you so. SINTF one of the
best things going in this regard, still takes time, and
these folks now pickup and deliver for one customer
at a time these days folks. Very little illegal drugs on
hand at any one time. And of course, what they do
in their own houses is sort of their business isn't it.
That is until 9 RPD units ascend upon your mom's
little cul-DE-sac, firetruck, ambulance and dozens of
support Highway Patrol officers and others are searching
your entire neighborhood for the suspected killer. The
ROBO call warning you to stay in doors, be on the
look out for a fellow with a red mohawk. Maybe armed.
Call never mentions he just stabbed a fellow in the neck
with a knife like some slaughter their livestock before
they are cleaned and eaten-ed.
Over the course of almost 3 years, over 18,000 miles
and 5 drug houses (not just grow houses) we're talking
about 24/7 hard drug sales operations and an adjoining
neighborhood meth lab. These patrols were performed
with very little backup, even none at times. Maybe they
really had no one to send, maybe because the officers
on patrol didn't like the idea of me volunteering or the
fact that I had called for them each to have cameras.
Who knows, at the end of the day, one of these druggies
from one of these homes files false charges and one
unethical union officer who thinks he has a axe to grind
with me. "How dare I perform, free volunteer safety
patrols with little or no backup for 2.5 years at the time
successfully. What will my work do to the scales of
Redding justice. The very day I went to the city and
secured a city license for NEXT DOOR CITIZENS PATROL
I was arrested for "illegal use of pepperspray" against
a drunk, druggie and reckless speeding driver. I was
falsely accused, falsely arrested, falsely jailed, tried
and convicted. The members of the local DA office
all seated outside my court room, celebrating the
conviction of a innocent man. Even my accusers own
words to his relatives that he had taken out and raped
a women after a dinner at Dry Creek Station was
with-held from my jury.
After today, I am reminded again, I'd rather be tried and
even convicted of something I did not come close to doing,
by twelve than be carried by six. Let me hear a Amen.
Capt Earl Allen Boek
Nextdoor Citizen Safety Patrol
530-604-1881 Be Safe Out There.

Earl Allen Boek is a ex-Volunteered, Agent Orange, Military Police, Sentry Dog Handler. Issued a top secret clearance by the FBI Mr. Boek and his dog Pal guarded Nuclear Weapons on Lake Eire, Ohio before he volunteered and spent 10 months in Vietnam, where he joined The National Vietnam Veterans Organization Against The War while still serving in it. Given a rank of E-5, a good conduct medal and a Army Commendation signed by President Nixon. Today he is a human activist, speaking still for 58,233 that did not survive the war. He is a veterans and homeless activist who after fighting for 10 years to be reimbursed from the VA finally received 100% Benefit and medical after surviving 7 related surgeries. Last year before Christmas the VA direct deposited over $90,000 into EB's checking account. He swiftly donated and gave away over one-third of the windfall to local homeless, his church and pastors, widows, veteran groups, rehab groups, food, lodging and a life saving lung operation for a young boy in Uganda. Six years ago he saved his own mothers life by demanding a local hospital perform a life-saving operation on her, he then spent the next four years as her care-taker. When a ICU Nurse told him he needed to tell the family to start making final arrangements for his mother, he told the nurse, the family was making plans, Plans for her to live. Today she is able to shop and go to appointments on her own. M Boek, was asked to help provide safety patrols for his neighborhood, again he volunteered to, helping to shut down 4 out of 5 drug houses and a meth manufacturing operation supplying them located in a near-by neighborhood. Mr. Boek has been a out-spoken critic of RPD and the Local DA's office regarding conflict of interest that exist when local law enforcement agencies "investigate" each other, when citizens turn up dead in custody. He was one of the first, if not the first, to call for police cameras on all officers, and after his false arrest he became active again in helping to bring down and defeat measure D depriving what he considers a unethical, evil at times, Just-US system.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


These highly controlled and staged events don't change the facts. These measures were already voted on and turned down by the voters. Re-colored and re-packaged as a "safety" tax, it is highly unlikely that given this blank check by the citizens of Redding would actually make any of them a bit safer. In fact, judging from recent events and history the opposite is more likely. Many Redding residents are totally happy with the detailed study purchased by the tax-payer that showed (after comparing our police department with others nationwide) that RPD's problems with coverage was NOT having enough officers on the payroll, but the way they were being scheduled. Since the looting of the CITIZEN owned Redding Electric Utility was discovered (millions a year were siphoned from REU's profit) forcing rates to go up to seniors like my own 84 year old mother, to pay the outrageous saleries and pensions of existing and retiring officers, the city has hunted for a way to replace THAT blank check. Don't be fooled by the shell game. Having new funds, instead of using City reserves, while cost and fees in every agency increased, including RPD once very bloated budget and force, these new taxes, will allow the city to continue doing business like they have instead of making real changes. If successful they can then use general funds for more funded and unfunded pensions, including pensions for new hires. The known pension liability admitted too of over $200 million is only the tip of the iceburg, they know it, and you need to know it. This is the same city council that put citizen comments at meetings at the end of the sessions. That shut down a panel of volunteers who were getting too close to the truth how REU was being operated and where monies were going, regarding rate increases. Who refused to make the results of the first draft available to the same citizens they hooked to pay for it. No Accountibility Equals No Safety Tax.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Redding Citizens BEWARE Politician Past and Present Are Stealing Your Land and Birthright.

The lastest SPEAK YOUR PIECE article found in
your printed paper is NOT showing up on your
electronic version. Since it is a political piece and
promoting the so called "safety" tax issues, can
we assume this was done on purpose, to ward
off any comment? Or just maybe an over-sight?

The writer list many good things these tax measures
will bring the city and county. Sadly, he has a bad
memory, there is not guarentee what-so-ever that
voters would actually get any of the promised
benefits being touted by the promoters of these
measures. However, there is plenty of evidence
that suggest, if these measures were lucky enough
to be passed by voters, those holding the purse
strings will do exactly what they've done in the
past, use these funds as a blank check to help
fund or off-set the funding of pensions funded and
unfunded, pluse the new pensions required if we
actually allow RPD to hire more officers, when a
recent study, costing $155,000 of tax payers
money found, that RPD did not have a officer
shortage when compared to other cities the same
size nationwide, but it did have a scheduling
problem. Evidence about how city management
and councils will react and treat such information
can be found when this first draft of the study
was kept from the public (voters) citizens with
even talk about setting it a fire so it could never
be seen.

Not to mention the funds needed already exist
in the general fund. Sounds just like the South
City Playground, someone has their eyes on
these funds maybe to help acquire them a
piece of citizen owned land to compliment
their private businesses, when they leave office.


Saturday, August 27, 2016


"Like any citizen patrol that I haven't been too keen on sponsoring because of the safety aspect, we'll work with them like we work with any other community group," he said.
Earl Boek
Don't count on anyone but yourself while on safety patrol. If they
actually come and back you up, that's icing on the cake.
Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko has also voiced concern about potential vigilantism by over-enthusiastic members of the group.
As the Sheriff and Chief both know, even when trained officers react in a "over-enthusiastic" manner, it can cause citizens to turn up dead, of natural, and other causes.
If you are able to operate out in the community performing safety patrols (by invitation only) in local subdivisions without incident,
or backup, for 2.5 years, you must have been doing something right.

Nextdoor Citizens Safety Patrol
Capt. Earl Allen Boek

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Past Redding Council Member Describes "Majority of Redding Citizens Stupid Fools"

As a past display advertising rep for your paper in the seventies, 
who has watched and read this paper every since, may I say, 
your editorial staff has never been more in tune, as your editorial 
proves, with this cities citizen needs and desires. Never. 

So finally, we all agree there is a problem with Redding's leadership. 
I think I know what and where this disconnect comes from. I ran 
into an ex Redding city council member recently at one of the cities
 local supermarkets and I asked about the city/REU financial 
arrangement and that person explained the accounting and legal 
agreements that exist between the two agencies. The council 
person explained the arrangement was needed to fund the city 
managers salary and expenses and the city attorney expenses. 

Remember Dunavey? (or whatever his name was) who threw 
away tens of thousands of rate payers REU profits to attempt to 
do away with constitutionally protected free speech and other local 
citizen's rights? What a waste of a law degree and treasure. But 
that is not the problem I discovered, it is the result of it. This ex 
council person described to me the average Redding citizen was 
basically stupid fools. You won't hear any such description from 
members of the existing council, some who worked with this ex 
ouncil member, as they want and need more of you "stupid fools" 
to pony up and vote their so called "safety sales tax" into law. But 
understand this, if this is how we Redding Citizens are viewed by 
these people at City hall, you can bet the management, including 
city management, likely all feel the same way about us. When you 
stop and think about this, those of you who possess more than a 
grammar school education, it's about the only conclusion that actually 
makes sense, when you see how they operate and just how far out 
of touch they are with their supporters and the citizens of our city. 

No police cams equal no accountability, equal NO NEW TAXES Period.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


  1. Anita my "legal problems" will be over before you know
    it. Karen Emerson is where I was nearly 3 years ago. I
    grew up and Redding, but had lived in Anderson and
    Cottonwood areas for sometime. Then I moved back to
    the family home to become mom's caretaker. We had a
    neighbor at the end of her street running a 7-11 style
    24-7 drug sales operation. For a couple of years I
    watched these people conduct business without boundaries.
    That ended the day I found someone's used needles
    thrown from a customer's car into mom's yard. Then I
    got involved. The women running the home had a small
    children and moved out quickly when I told her WE were
    about to go to war and she and her friends might be
    at a disadvantage unless they too had severed in one.
    (yes, I know, with an up and coming trial I have no
    business discussing this here and now) But I think it's
    important that you, and others understand the cost and
    the games and politics being played with your neighbor-
    hoods and your communities safety and security by the
    local police chief and some of Redding Police Departments
    union members.

    As one of the very first to speak to the Shasta County
    Board of Supervisors about the need for a local citizen's
    police review board. As one of the first, (if not the
    first, to speak of the need for personal cameras to
    be supplied to all County and City law enforcement, as
    one of the first to run a successful (2 1/2 year Citizen's
    Neighborhood Safety Patrol when asked to volunteer by
    my local homeowners association). I was able to see trends
    in local law enforcement, such as response times and
    even no response to my calls were fairly common. The
    local druggies who ran the 5 neighborhood drug houses
    would call the police, tell them there was a fellow
    pretending to be a cop parked at the entrance to our
    subdivision and then watch as officer came to shake
    me down. My life was threatened multiple times, druggies
    came to mom's house just to remind us,
    • So some officers who actually did come to our area thought my
      patrols were, or should be illegal. Others commented they wish
      they had a dozen volunteers like me around town. It became fairly
      easy, after a while, to identify the good neighbors and the good
      officers that supported my GOD given and my sworn right, taken
      when I joined our military (but never un-taken) from the bad ones,
      who felt threatened by a meir citizen, helping to defend and
      protect his loved ones, his home and the homes of others who requested
      my help.

      The day I filed for a city license for Nextdoor Citizens Safety
      Patrol was the day the powers that be decided My "safety" patrol
      and I needed to be taken down a notch. On a false complaint, filed
      by a neighbor in a adjoining subdivision, where I patrolled by
      invitation, I was arrested by what I believe was a loyal RPD Union
      member, looking for advancement, in what is hoped to become an
      ever expanding police force, one that a recent study suggested
      that our community safety was not a result of lack of numbers
      but rather how those numbers were being deployed. So be it. If
      the word JUSTICE imprinted on the front of the John Balma Justice
      Center means anything at all, I will certainly be found not
      guilty of all charges, because I am certainly not guilty of any
      of the false charges made against me. My actual statement to
      the arresting officer was short when I realized early on what
      team he was playing for. So much of the balance of his report
      was produced by him, not me. I was then jailed with needed meds
      related to my 8 agent orange vascular operations and procedures,
      and forced to bail out $10,000 dollars where druggies are allowed
      to leave on their own O.R. I got the message. Believe me.

      When I started the patrol there were no Neighborhood Watch support
      from RPD. The support for this very effective tool is hollow as
      the local union would like to see more gun toting $150,000 a year
      officers out there.

      • As I sit here on my deck watching car after car run our four-way
        stop sign into our subdivision, healing from the side effects of
        my last 8th agent orange proceedure I promise my neighbors as soon
        as my health and my legal expenses and trial is over to return to
        active volunteer duty again. Hopefully by then, more of you will be
        ready to step up and protect the things you love and care about.
        Even $10 million given to RPD a year and 50 new officers cannot do
        that for you. They know it, but your safety and security is not at
        the top of their list, at least not at the top of many rank and file
        members. If they really were willing to be held accountable for their
        actions they would have added personal cameras a couple of years ago.
        • All I know is these 5 local drug houses thrived on their watch
          and four of the five were forced out of business on mine. In
          defense of those hard working, honest, god fearing officers
          out there risking their lives for us all everyday, I give Kudos
          to the officer who called me recently and said, "we are going
          to see what we can do about that fifth drug house Mr Boek.
          My comment was God Bless You Sir.

        Saturday, July 9, 2016

        Believe Me I Do Not Make The Comment I'm About Too Lightly

        As someone who once volunteered and spent 10 Months in the
        Vietnam theater as a Military Police Sentry Dog Handler,  I am
        slower to volunteer anything these days.  Since winning my 10 yr
        adventure with the VA regarding the agent orange and the 8 related
        surgeries and procedures I've had following that, I now have a pretty
        good life-style, with bills paid on time, credit, a home again and
        more blessings than any person should be entitled too.  Seems
        the statement is true "you can't out-give God"

        Why then put my fortunes, future and maybe even my life on the
        line for my fellow citizens then, many who have proven to be nothing
        but sheep, or sheep in wolf's outfits?  I promised when I was able
        to get on that jet home, all in one piece, I'd live for and speak for the
        58,233 men and women, killed in Vietnam.  It's a goodness and justice
        thing and a small way to pay back to YOU, their sacrifices, for them,
        if that makes any sense to you.

        So, here goes, my attorney, it seems is being contacted by local
        residents and perhaps an attorney or too to tell him of my social
        media work and comments and suggest they are hurting my case.
        Of course they are. Attempting to shut me up, by members of the
        local police union, is also what the entire case is about. or someone that knows him, as that I send
        any story tips to him viva he email.  Okay, before I take my attorney's
        advice, (someone who pays one what I'm paying, would be a fool,
        Not Too.)  Right?  Here's that story TIP, as in The Tip Of An Ice-

        When contacting the RRS about the misspelling of my last name on
        electronic media and my account there...I receive back a response.

        Earl Allen Thanks for reaching
        out to us.  We'll get back to you
        as soon as possible. If you have
        a story tip, please email it to

        Sure, I answer, Oh, I have a few,
        but local citizens and even maybe
        an attorney or two from Redding,
        the city, are writing my attorney
        in Benica suggesting he muffle
        me, regarding my social media and
        the actual facts of my up and
        coming trial in November,  My
        comment to my attorney was, if they
        are truly that concerned about me
        being arrested, jailed, or being
        convicted of a crime they know I
        never committed, or the injustice of
        someone, "falsely witnessing"
        against me (one of 10 original sins
        for a reason) why don't they write
        local media themselves, or post
        on social media, or contact the
        powers that be, instead of trying
        to put pressure on me, through my
        attorney, to shut up between now
        and the start of my trial and the
        vote of the so-called "safety tax".
        Which, after all is what this entire
        case is REALLY about?

        So here is the hot story TIP requested.
        I challenge our Chief, to use his
        next community event for the
        airing of the video, taken outside
        of a local sports retailer, on their
        store video equipment, showing I'm
        told by the big guy, who a month
        later, still sported a black eye over
        the beating. I'm told by this local
        8 year businessman, that a gang,
        kinda like you'd expect, maybe
        in a city like Stockton, of RPD
        officers, numbering maybe as
        many is 8 officers or more beat
        this big fellow and then charged
        him with 5 felonies wanting to
        see him put away for life. The
        DA, knowing it maybe hard to
        sell it to citizens, just how more
        officers, managed, trained and
        operating like these, will help
        make Redding citizens "safer",
        if he can just sell it to them this
        time.  Gotta fill that new police
        station.  Will it make your
        neighborhoods safer?  You?
        Unlikely.  Maybe just the opposite
        will happen.  Watch the video.

        Again, like years ago now, after
        calling for a citizens review board
        in front of Shasta County Board,
        throwing my hat into the ring
        the same day our existing Sheriff
        did, to get a chance to address
        similar actions taken by that agency.

        After speaking up against so called
        "investigations" the need for cop
        cams and the conflict of interest
        that certainly exist when one police
        agency is able to investigate the
        other local agency when similar
        beatings (as described by this big
        man) ended in the death of what
        the RRS allows to be labeled as
        druggies, or mental or felones,
        and the other labels these agents
        leak to the press right after the real
        crime, in some cases, are committed.

        Now, If the rest of you do your job
        I should be able to keep my mouth
        shut, take my attorneys advice, until
        my day in Court at the Shasta County
        Just-Us Center.  Knowing and meeting
        John Balma when he was alive, I can
        tell you, he's rolling in his grave
        knowing his names on the building.

        Picture taken by Jam Schultz of The Redding Record Searchlight.  I'll be
        down to pay for it's use here on this coming Monday Jim.  thanks

        Sunday, May 29, 2016

        RPD/Shasta County JUST-US System

        Confident in the knowledge,  my father is flying this plane.

         Sadly, the judge believes the lies in the RPD officer report, who on the stand admits his "investigation" in the matter was not up to standard. My accuser is making false statements regarding me "driving up on his lawn" to help cover he's reckless, likely drunken driving. And he never got a drop of pepper spray on him. While I did fire a burst of pepper spray, it was after my car and I were spit on, and I wanted to leave the scene safely without him sucker punching me, or my rear tires (I was on a cul-de-sac) running over his legs, if he tried too. As he saw me preparing to leave, he increased his tone, yelling, cursing at me and manner. The pepper spray use, under the circumstances, was not only justified, turned out to be the safest exit for both of us. As someone who's been in dangerous situations, in the military and civilian life, maybe 60 times, my training and experience just kick in a situation like this. I'd do it again, but guess I'd just spray the guy next time and call the police. I was attempting to defuse the situation, he was doing the opposite. SORRY DANIEL IF IT DON'T FIT YOUR AGENDA EITHER BUDDY.
        LikeReply5 mins
        Earl Allen Boek It will all come out in the trial. I'm totally prepared for the truth to come out, confident in the knowledge that my father is flying this plane. Amen.

        Saturday, May 28, 2016

        Following Find Redding Record Searchlight Search For Me (Earl Boek)
        Play Close Attention To The Dates Of Each Article or Letter To The
        Editor.  Judge Judy says, "There's no coincidences". 

        I was arrested the same day I filed the DBA with the city of Redding
        and applied for a business license for the volunteer Nextdoor Citizens
        Safety Patrol.  The city and Redding Police Department is again
        attempting to get another so called, "Safety Tax" to be used as their
        funding blank check.  An additional $10 million dollar fund. Some 
        of these same city of Redding Council members sit on the council 
        and were aware of millions of dollars (in past years) of profit, while
        it was stolen in a fraudulent manner (some would say)  from the 
        citizen owned city utility known as Redding Electric Utility.  Our
        seniors and others are now being forced to pay unfair increases in
        the monthly utilities because of this.

        Following is an example of how the system (Works-OVER) someone
        here in Redding, CA, of Shasta County.  You speak up, you end up
        fighting to stay out of jail at the Shasta County Just-US center.
        • Article 
        • |
        • Posted: May 26, 2016
        • |
        • By Jim Schultz

        Neighborhood patrol captain ordered to stand trial

        Earl Allen Boek says he’s no George Zimmerman. Nor, he says, is he a police officer wannabe. Hailed by many for trying to keep his neighborhood safe as a volunteer citizens patrol captain, the 65-year-old Boek was ordered today by a Superior Court
        • Article 
        • |
        • Posted: September 12, 2015
        • |

        Earl Allen Boek: No union transparency

        The editorial on police body cameras was on the right track. Earl Allen Boek, Redding Your editorial Friday describes perfectly the union owned city police officers needing personal cameras placed on them. Let their unions cover their retirements and the next city “safety tax”
        • Article 
        • |
        • Posted: February 19, 2016
        • |
        • By Sean Longoria

        Man faces pepper spray charge in neighborhood watch case

        Self-appointed neighborhood patrol Earl Allen Boek faces charges after allegedly assaulting neighbor he said didn't stop at stop sign. A Redding man is facing a felony charge after allegedly pepper spraying his neighbor during a confrontation over speeding and running a stop