Monday, August 26, 2013

Local NON-Profits Take The Money...But Can't Quite Get The Job Done

Molly the Beagle Needs a Home. Owner past away.

What sticks in my craw are these local non-profits that siphon
hundreds of thousands of dollars from citizens, grants and
turn into large monopolies that cannot do the jobs they were
given all the money for in the first place.

I just picked up my dead, ex-marine's Beagle who widow can
no longer care for. She is a 8-9 year old sweet-heart of a dog,
but according to the local Haven Humane they already had
turned down 2 ahead of me. No room at what now has become
almost a local monopoly of nearly every pet service you can
think of under the sun....except of course the one thing they
were setup to do in the first place, take in stray, homeless, cats
and dogs. Now, since the county has also turned over their
operations and merged, I guess, with this organization...they
too are unable to provide the service they were setup for.

Recently, my neighbor trapped our cat in his raccoon trap,
no doubt provided by this agency, and as my wife and I were
out hunting for our cat, the neighbor actually drove by and \
waved at us, on the way to guess were, that's right, Haven
Humane...seems they have room for animals illegally removed
from their own neighborhoods, which they charged him to
take in, then charged me to take out and house. But their
is no room to do the job that thousands of folks donated
millions of dollars for, (over the years, I'm guessing here)
No money to do what they were given all the money to do.
Go figure.

Anyway, John my ex-Marine and fishing buddy died...we
bury him on Sept 3rd with full military honors...Molly was
his dog. If you can find or provide a home for this sweet
animal please contact me at 530-215-6218. I tried the
other places the girl at Haven luck yet.
Petfinder, Petswithoutparents, and Craigslist. Thanks Al B.