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Once upon a time in a land far away, it was decided by the powers-that-be
that for the sake of humanity, the poor and downtrodden, that something 
had to be done to equal the economic playing field.  
Matthew 20:16

Besides the world bankers, the huge drug, oil and even the 
illegal drug cartels (all cash operations) were screwing the 
country.  They were hording the countries wealth in the form
of their illegal gains which were that countries, and all the
other countries for that matter, currencies.  

A world-wide plan had to take place, under the radar so as
not to alert the bad guys.  It was decided that instead of this 
countries currency, that a new, (actually older) once widely
used in another part of the world, would become the new,
number one respected currency on the global market and 
their country currency would also have to be replaced.

This idea would force this country and all the other countries
on the planet that had horded their currency, to rid themselves
of the old, soon to be  not usable currency. It would force them
to devoid themselves, some-how, of their illegal gains. Or 
bring the old currency to local banks and claim the new currency
and answer the income tax questions or income methods 
that would surely follow their exchange of that currency.

At the same time it would require this new land to hire over 
50,000 new tax agents to help discover where all this new 
transferred money was earned and to help those that forgot
how it was legally earned and to pay proper income taxes on it. 

So the hiring began, as other plans were also needed to go into
effect, all in as secret of manner as possible. It was figured that  
those holding large sums of this old currency would do everything
in their power to start riots cause other trouble in the country, rather
than report their ill-gained earnings and pay their fair share of
taxes on the money.

So the powers that be set up camps around different regions, help
to fund over 40,000 swat teams nation wide and started having
them practice on lower level offenders until the real big ones
were forced to come out into the light to transfer the old money
into the new money.  

Agencies with the name  "security" would also have to be funded
and set up across the nation as well. Police departments across
the land would maybe need and were supplied old armed forces
equipment and instructed in their use.  A billion bullets would 
need to be purchased to make it harder for there to be any 
left for other purposes. Even plastic coffins would need to be
purchased to hold all the body bags if everything went as bad
as it possibly could. 

The exchange demanded would need to take place virtually 
over-night and they decided if things get bad, or maybe not
that bad, even Marshall Law might have to be declared 
because many might think their worst fears were becoming 
reality and the NWO had finally, as they promised would, come
to being.

So plans went into effect.  Meetings of the IMF, the countries
own treasury, even the United Nations had to take place. More 
and more information was funneled as it was needed, to those
that needed it. It was decided that new bills in the amount of
100 units would begin to be printed, starting with new serial 
numbers bill number #1, #2, #3 in so on were printed. Then 
it was decided that the entire world's currency would be "RESET"
at the same time, to make up for the deaths and damage 
that country had done to others by their illegal undeclared wars
and police actions. So it all began one Friday and the official 
announcement would start quietly, at first, on the following 
Monday, to make sure as not to give the bad guys too much

Many of the bad guys actually freaked out when the Oct. 1st 
deadline for the announcement kickoff came about and many
more joined in the gnashing of teeth once they realized they
had but only 30 days to trade in their old currency for the new
ones already printed in 100 unit notes, the notes of which 
would be available one week later on Oct. 8th.  

Unknowingly, some investors would become involved in investing
in several other countries currencies as well.  Countries like
Iraq and Vietnam would have huge increases in their Dinars and
Dongs overnight.  Others laughed at these folks and made jokes
about them.  The experts said their wasn't even enough oil and
gas in the ground in these countries to warrant even a quarter
of their currencies being revalued.  But it looked like the experts
were wrong as it never stopped this country from printing money.
As a matter of fact, the less gold and silver this country, far, far
way, had, the more currency this country printed until it too
became almost worthless and needed to be replaced. So it began.

So this time, as in many times in the past, the rich got richer, 
and the poor got poorer, but something else happened, when 
many exchanged their old money for new and actually paid taxes
on this time, the countries all around the world got richer, over-
night.  Those wanting to, were able to give money to their churches
and other non-profit, fundraising vehicles to be used in third world
countries, and the global community, in the first time, since the
beginning of humanity were finally able to feed all the world's
hungry  children, give them all the medicine and clothing and 
shelter they needed, help send them to schools and educate them.

I was discovered that those citizens that had invested millions
in the other currencies where also given 30 days to turn in their
currencies as well, into the new #100 unit ones, and the ones
that were not too greedy, actually paid their income taxes and/or
donated to the churches or fundraisers instead.  So the country
even grew richer because of it, as did every country around the
world that exchanged their currencies for the new ones.

In the end, all the countries were pulled from the verge of bankruptcy
but money was finally available for all, even free medical insurance
became available and was paid for the first year from the windfall
in taxes and income to the country. 

Afterwords, the Lord  looked down and was pleased, he continued
to bless that country and all the other countries of the global that
used that huge financial windfall for good.

And they all lived happily ever after.  Amen

* Remember this is only a fairy tail and too crazy to happen in real life.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Local NON-Profits Take The Money...But Can't Quite Get The Job Done

Molly the Beagle Needs a Home. Owner past away.

What sticks in my craw are these local non-profits that siphon
hundreds of thousands of dollars from citizens, grants and
turn into large monopolies that cannot do the jobs they were
given all the money for in the first place.

I just picked up my dead, ex-marine's Beagle who widow can
no longer care for. She is a 8-9 year old sweet-heart of a dog,
but according to the local Haven Humane they already had
turned down 2 ahead of me. No room at what now has become
almost a local monopoly of nearly every pet service you can
think of under the sun....except of course the one thing they
were setup to do in the first place, take in stray, homeless, cats
and dogs. Now, since the county has also turned over their
operations and merged, I guess, with this organization...they
too are unable to provide the service they were setup for.

Recently, my neighbor trapped our cat in his raccoon trap,
no doubt provided by this agency, and as my wife and I were
out hunting for our cat, the neighbor actually drove by and \
waved at us, on the way to guess were, that's right, Haven
Humane...seems they have room for animals illegally removed
from their own neighborhoods, which they charged him to
take in, then charged me to take out and house. But their
is no room to do the job that thousands of folks donated
millions of dollars for, (over the years, I'm guessing here)
No money to do what they were given all the money to do.
Go figure.

Anyway, John my ex-Marine and fishing buddy died...we
bury him on Sept 3rd with full military honors...Molly was
his dog. If you can find or provide a home for this sweet
animal please contact me at 530-215-6218. I tried the
other places the girl at Haven luck yet.
Petfinder, Petswithoutparents, and Craigslist. Thanks Al B.

Friday, April 12, 2013

2013: Why This Could Really be the Year (Audio Adjustment)  Please share this information with those you love.  Make sure to
set aside an hour and watch the entire presentation to the end.  Hint,  I would not be making any
travel plans to the New York area towards the end of this year,  if I was you.  God Bless  EAB

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Redding, California Homeless Activist Also Want To Know What's The Long Game?

"How do we accommodate the reality of poverty and homelessness without simply creating spiteful divisions? The poster campaign may be a worthy interim step, but what’s the long game?"

Silas Lyons ask Anti-Pan-Handling Crime Fighters..What's The Long Game?

The long game is an illegal city ordinance  prohibiting pan-handling.  Another law suit against
the City of Redding and maybe a few other agencies in it, and finally another $250,000 thousand
of tax payer money down the drain because no one at the city is able to control  their attorney.

Homeless Activist's Vision Is A Redding Homeless Daycenter
Taken from Sunday's Redding Record Searchlight  Letters To The Editor

Judy Pearson, Shasta Lake
Disgusted by drive against panhandling
The more I think about the new “anti-homeless” campaign, as I refer to it, the more disgusted I am with the morals of this city. I am embarrassed to say I am a part of such a small minded community. Its prejudice is so profound that I cant even believe that it is legal.
The problem of people asking for money isn’t so huge here that it even needs a solution. Instead, why not look at the underlying problem and figure out a solution to it. It’s just another example of Redding trying to ignore a situation that makes some people feel bad about themselves, so they come up with ways to avoid the real truth — that there are people out there whom are less fortunate, and need assistance.
And don’t give me that stuff about there being lots of homeless assistance programs and food banks that should be able to carry the load. There aren’t enough of them. The problem is only going to get worse. Cutting them off from society and pawning them off as beggars isn’t the way.
It isn’t human, and it shouldn’t be legal. It certainly isn’t ethical. Any business that participate should be ashamed of themselves.
© 2013 Record Searchlight. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Homeless/Pan-Handlers Redding, CA's "Final Solution"

More on that "Final Solution" Thing We Have Working Here In The Northstate

Wasn't that busy at lunch at Churn Creek McDonald's last time we
were there. Nor was it that busy at old CR Gibbs for a Friday afternoon lunch.
Foolish to say, or even think any boycott helps your business.  Like I've
always said, this is the gift that keeps right on giving, days,
weeks and months after a protest like this, people stay away.
We thank em.
Northern CA. Coalition For The Homeless dba Shasta St. News

12 minutes ago.

KQMS 1400AM Kelly Frost finally breaks the story
other medias refused to even touch. Guess it did
not fit their agendas:
As I wrote to KQMS in a email. It is not our intention to smear the Redding "Good News" Mission or the "House of Hope" only to point out to the few "elite" Redding businesses and agencies, insisting we "Do Not Feed The Addictions" of the
local pan-handlers/homeless and increase the giving to these Missions, other nearly 20 non-profits that we have had faith in for decades, that they would provide the love, compassion and goodness if we supported them. As we see...this is not
happening in all cases._citizenactivist

Ms Garcia was denied entrance into the House of Hope
in sub zero weather. She was found dead behind the
mission the following morning. Verified. Also she was
a known druggy.  Her "addiction"  challenge was solved the night of January 10th.

Like ·

  • Robert Henham Well Earl, I offered panhandlers out side Walmart in Anderson $9 an hour work and they just said they make more than that just standing with a sign. So No I will not give them cash. Also believe that in most cases of Homeless they have burnt all their ...See More

  • Earl Allen Boek Robert, I once offered a supposed to be Vietnam Vet a $20 a hour job on a light home improvement crew. He asked what it paid, I told him we'd pay him what our other workers were being paid, he said he'd he thought he'd just keep doing what he was doin...See More

  • Earl Allen Boek McDonalds is also one of the few places the homeless/pan-handler can afford to eat at as well. You don't see them eating at CR Gibbs with all that reported BIG Income their all hauling in. Do you?

  • Pam Woolbert Do you know why she was denied entrance into the House of Hope? Was she considered a danger to the rest of the women and children already in the house? If she was on drugs or alcohol they can not let her in. I don't know all the story here. But, I do know they have rules for a good reason. Not all the homeless are willing to go by the rules. Some have committed crimes that will prevent them from being allowed to stay at the mission. Before you start to condemn an organization that is doing what they can, make sure you at least tell the whole story. Some just are not willing to go through the prayer service. There are lots of reasons for a person not to be allowed into the mission. Rather than handing cash over to a pan handler, I will give them the information as to where they can get the help they need. then I donate the cash to an organization that will see to it that the people in need will get real help. Those organizations are set up to get the most out of what they have to share. Some feed meals some provide food to take out and prepare, some offer medical , dental, education, recovery, and a safe place to stay. The change handed out will do none of that and will ,more likely than not, get used for what has put them in the need in the first place.

  • Earl Allen Boek Pam Woolbert: Yes, I know some of this. There are many rules, hoops and hurdles one must go through to stay there, including I'm told, they must give up 90% of their wages while in any program. I used to blindly donate to these organizations also, without too much over-sight. No more.

  • Earl Allen Boek Here's what I know so far as I mis-spoke about the media unwilling to run this story. They are waiting, I'm told, and no doubt the "House of Hope" is hoping that drugs show up in this dead womens system, which sounds likely depending. And I agree with these policies completely. If they are drinking, doing any drugs or won't pray, screw em. Lock em out, freeze them to death. I call it the "final solution." I'm starting to agree with you and a few others around here...Just give them the established system the money, like the last 20-30 years or whatever, turn my back and go fishing.

    Colin Lygren Action News 12/24 We diligently investigated this story on Tuesday. The corner has not yet confirmed a cause of death pending a toxicology report. She has several drug arrests and was known to huff propellants. We did not want to accuse the Rescue Mission of letting someone die before we knew all of the facts.

    3 hours ago · Unlike · 1..

    Earl Allen Boek Thats fair enough. My understanding from homeless was she came to the "House of Hope" knocked and was not let in. Temp I'm told that night was below freezing. That would certainly do it. I need to start watching your channel more often Colin. thanks. EAB

    2 hours ago · Like
    KQMS Radio did the story...they sure mentioned the drug problem she had, but alas I guess someone reporting the drug problem left out the part about her knocking asking for help. Or should I say hoping for help? Anyway, this might satisfy you, but I'll tell you, there is a local homeless lady suffering from a bladder infection and an ear infection, due to her "past drug history" and attraction to pain pills, which she admits, she is unable to get antibiotics or even admitted. I'm guessing you have no problem with that "rule" either. Anyway, here's what I know...If she's found to have drugs of any kind, I can stop worrying, it will be ALL over every media then, won't it.

  • Earl Allen Boek Or the part about it being below freezing temp that night. In her case, problem solved.

  • Earl Allen Boek By admitted, comment above, I mean admitted to any local hospital. She is staying behind "Mercy" at night in a homeless camp. Her name is Balloons (street name)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Redding Homeless "The Final Solution"

Robert Henham Why do you Earl Allen Boek and Chris Solberg keep posting negative post about the community's social services programs that feed and bed them and claim your the voice for the homeless. I think you both are doing more damage then good all round.
  • Earl Allen Boek I'm sorry to offend your senses...there Bob, but I do it because people are dying out here and a good portion of our community wants to ignore that dirty little secret. I get no personal pleasure out of exposing this evil crap going on around here. Educate yourself.
  • Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    Good News Rescue Misson (Sarah Garcia) Gone But Not Forgotten

    Sarah Garcia..Another Redding Homeless Veteran...Why are they ALL
    Veterans?  Because the Redding "Elite" Has Declared War On Them.


    To whom it may concern: We are interested in any
    information you can provide regarding this message
    I received tonight on instant messaging.

    "On February 10th a girl by the name of Sarah Garcia knocked on the Good News Rescue Missions House of Hope for Women and Childrens door seekinghelp. For what ever reason the did not open the door to her. The next day she was found dead behind the mission. The Shasta County Coroner confirmed date , last name, and location of death to me."

    "I must say allegedly because, I didn't see it, but I believe the several homeless folks who told me about it. I guess she had a problem huffing toluene."

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    Evidence of possible death Due to Sleeping bags being taken by RPD

    Find out why these homeless/pan-handlers would rather camp out or live out in the
    elements than stay at the mission.  Even if the mission had the room for them.
    Listen, let them tell you from their own lips what happened recently when bedding
    was taken by the Redding Police Department during a homeless camp raid.
    Do we really want these people gone so badly we are going to allow this to happen?
    I wouldn't do it to a dog.  Redding community please tell me we're better than this.

    Redding Merchants Crime Watch...Speaking of Crime

    How those mugshot photos can be useful, Sheriff Bosenko

    An alert business owner posted this today on the Redding Merchants Crime Watch e-mail list:
    About 15 minutes ago I saw (name deleted) at the Valero Station on the corner of Hilltop & Cypress. I knew she was a regular on Mugshots so I pulled in to the station to watch her. She was in the landscaping in front of the station picking up cash register receipts. It appeared she would look at the purchases on the receipt and then either discard them or put them in her purse. I have a suspicion that she then steals the items she can identify on the receipt or tries to return them - not sure, just a suspicion. Anyway, she is walking north on Hilltop. have attached her (archived) Mugshot page - have a nice day,

    Comments (2)

    • Feb 13, 2013
      3:09 PM
    • Reply
    I want to report another crime...if it is not
    it should be. It is rumored that Redding Police
    are tearing down another homeless camp behind
    Lake Blvd near North Market today. The last time
    they raided a camp at gun point, told the people
    to get out of the city limits, took their bedding
    and the next night one of the homeless folks died
    of possible exposure.
    To make matters worse, if they could be, their
    are concerned citizens in the area that are
    trying to address this issue in others under
    related stories and comments and your staff
    is censoring these rather uncomfortable facts.
    _citizenactivist Feel free to email that to
    your Crime email list.

    • Feb 13, 2013
      3:17 PM
    • Reply
    Marc sir, one other thing...while we're talking
    about crime. If you have the nerve to send it
    to the crime list for me..feel free.
    Someone needs to remind RPD and their chief that
    it is a crime to steal, hold, throw away or
    other-wise withhold life giving blankets, sleeping
    bags, temporary shelters (ie: tents) from the
    Thanks Buddy.

    Homeless/Panhandlers in Redding CA. Citizen Calls their program a Hack Job

    Local Resident finally calls Ed, owner of CR Gibbs in Redding on his and
    his butt-buddies plans for the homeless panhandlers of Redding.

  • 12:03 p.m.

  • Californication writes: 2

  • Fact: Not all pan-handlers are homeless, and not all homeless are pan-handlers.

    Fact: Not all pan-handlers are tweekers or bad people.

    Fact: Ed Rullman & his tea party express will not tell me how to spend my money. I give to whomever I want to give, whenever and wherever I want to give.

    But one person who will not be getting any of my money is Ed Rullman, and any other business person who participates in this hack job.

    Nobody wants to see pan-handlers in front of any business, but you're all going about this the wrong way.

    Thank You

  • 2:12 p.m.

  • Mark insightful

  • Suggest removal
  • pv96087 writes:
    in response to californiakayaker:
    It doesn't matter how much support you can get, you cannot re-write the constitution to fit your beliefs. The constitution says all have freedom of speech, regardless of whether they happen to be homeless, look like their homeless, or whatever. I supported the tea parties right to free speech at the library, and I support the rights of the beggars. Both are protected by the first amendment!
    Thank you californiakayaker,
    Although I have not read all of the posts here, I will still say that this post of yours and a couple of others about the First Amendment are probably the most insightful and accurate posts on this thread. ALL are protected by the First Amendment and I support and respect Freedom of Speech for everybody... That means the right, the left, the rich, the poor, the homeless, the tea party, the occupiers, all political activists and all colors of the rainbow...
    In this case the panhandlers have a right to panhandle, the businesses have a right to their "Handouts don't help" campaign and lastly Earl Boek and panhandler/homeless advocates have every right to protest these businesses…
    The First Amendment is alive and well in Redding folks… :) I appreciate that…
    Thank you Earl Boek for the invitation and I apologize I was unable to attend...

    Thanks Again


    Earl Allen Boek What a Patriot Looks Like Proudly Still Standing After 4 Agent Orange Surgeries

    Proud to stand for and speak for the homeless when it's needed. Around Redding, CA,
    sadly (because it didn't used to be that way) until THEY all moved here, not the
    homeless, the generation X'ers, "leaders, so called movers and shakers."  It's been
    open season on these folks every since._citizenactivist

    CR Gibbs Owner Thinks a Boycott Is Good For Business? Well Good On Him

    Ed of American Grille thinks a Boycott is good for Business. We'll See

    First of all I'd like to thank all the media that showed up at CR Gibbs yesterday.
    I felt a little bad for them, as they seemed sad we did not have more boots on
    the ground. In a city with a few thousand folks sitting around with no jobs, no
    shelter, no cell phones, no internet and no cars, it would not have been that
    hard to bring some along. Maybe next time.

    Like I told David Benda, "Dave, you and I know who butters your bread around
    town."  Still the article he did for the Record Searchlight was even-handed I
    felt he spent a lot of time on the issue.   I suggest that all media start spending
    more time interviewing the homeless panhandlers, yes, in spite of what you
    are being told, many of the panhandlers are also homeless.

    As far as a low turnout. CR Gibbs was busier Monday, from the show of cars
    than it was on Tuesday IMO.  Still Ed the owner, was able to parlay our visit
    there into a last minute meeting of his own supporters, who like ours, were
    not all able to attend.  Still only about 100 businesses represented out of what
    5,000 local businesses, well that is hardly a mandate is it?

    Between you and I, our plans were to move on to the few other Redding businesses
    also displaying the I'm addicted to something posters..."So Don't Feed My Habits"
    But business was so good for ED, I feel we owe it to him to continue focusing on
    his business.  We apologize in advance for any business  Best Western Hotels
    National Chain may loose in this negative association.  But like me sometimes,
    Ed's mouth is his biggest enemy._citizenactivist

    Note to Ed: In the beginning they all think a informational picket like this is
    fun and exciting and might work in their favor...generally it never well, as a
    promoted Boycott of any business is the gift that keeps on giving.  While I
    admit it will be hard for you at first to gauge your loses, as time goes on
    you'll see that folks, especially at lunch time, are not looking for too much
    excitement.  My advice, as someone who has also owned a restaurant or two,
    one on Hilltop Dr. and been corporate trained to run some ten or more,
    concentrate on your service and food as best you can during these days ahead,
    because your politics are about to start costing you dearly.