Sunday, May 29, 2016

RPD/Shasta County JUST-US System

Confident in the knowledge,  my father is flying this plane.

 Sadly, the judge believes the lies in the RPD officer report, who on the stand admits his "investigation" in the matter was not up to standard. My accuser is making false statements regarding me "driving up on his lawn" to help cover he's reckless, likely drunken driving. And he never got a drop of pepper spray on him. While I did fire a burst of pepper spray, it was after my car and I were spit on, and I wanted to leave the scene safely without him sucker punching me, or my rear tires (I was on a cul-de-sac) running over his legs, if he tried too. As he saw me preparing to leave, he increased his tone, yelling, cursing at me and manner. The pepper spray use, under the circumstances, was not only justified, turned out to be the safest exit for both of us. As someone who's been in dangerous situations, in the military and civilian life, maybe 60 times, my training and experience just kick in a situation like this. I'd do it again, but guess I'd just spray the guy next time and call the police. I was attempting to defuse the situation, he was doing the opposite. SORRY DANIEL IF IT DON'T FIT YOUR AGENDA EITHER BUDDY.
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Earl Allen Boek It will all come out in the trial. I'm totally prepared for the truth to come out, confident in the knowledge that my father is flying this plane. Amen.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Following Find Redding Record Searchlight Search For Me (Earl Boek)
Play Close Attention To The Dates Of Each Article or Letter To The
Editor.  Judge Judy says, "There's no coincidences". 

I was arrested the same day I filed the DBA with the city of Redding
and applied for a business license for the volunteer Nextdoor Citizens
Safety Patrol.  The city and Redding Police Department is again
attempting to get another so called, "Safety Tax" to be used as their
funding blank check.  An additional $10 million dollar fund. Some 
of these same city of Redding Council members sit on the council 
and were aware of millions of dollars (in past years) of profit, while
it was stolen in a fraudulent manner (some would say)  from the 
citizen owned city utility known as Redding Electric Utility.  Our
seniors and others are now being forced to pay unfair increases in
the monthly utilities because of this.

Following is an example of how the system (Works-OVER) someone
here in Redding, CA, of Shasta County.  You speak up, you end up
fighting to stay out of jail at the Shasta County Just-US center.
  • Article 
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  • Posted: May 26, 2016
  • |
  • By Jim Schultz

Neighborhood patrol captain ordered to stand trial

Earl Allen Boek says he’s no George Zimmerman. Nor, he says, is he a police officer wannabe. Hailed by many for trying to keep his neighborhood safe as a volunteer citizens patrol captain, the 65-year-old Boek was ordered today by a Superior Court
  • Article 
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  • Posted: September 12, 2015
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Earl Allen Boek: No union transparency

The editorial on police body cameras was on the right track. Earl Allen Boek, Redding Your editorial Friday describes perfectly the union owned city police officers needing personal cameras placed on them. Let their unions cover their retirements and the next city “safety tax”
  • Article 
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  • Posted: February 19, 2016
  • |
  • By Sean Longoria

Man faces pepper spray charge in neighborhood watch case

Self-appointed neighborhood patrol Earl Allen Boek faces charges after allegedly assaulting neighbor he said didn't stop at stop sign. A Redding man is facing a felony charge after allegedly pepper spraying his neighbor during a confrontation over speeding and running a stop

Thursday, May 26, 2016

You know, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but their not entitled to their own facts. A writer above hit the nail right on the head. Beware all Shasta County Citizens, especially in the Redding PD area. Warning, do not suggest that police union members wear cameras, no matter how many unarmed, mentally challenged men or druggies are killed in custody. Warning, do not speak up against a veteran policeman or force that has no time to come to an attempted kidnapping, by two men in a white pickup at 2 am in the morning, but you can be sure, they will be johnny on the spot when someone who volunteers to help keep his neighborhood safer, when he finally, after 2 years has to protect himself against a known drunk (62 pages of DUI related offenses in Shasta Co). Warning: Do not speak up when one local police agency "investigates" the other, when someone is killed or dies in police custody, and make sure next week that that agency investigates your agency. 

Don't , whatever you do, mention a possible conflict of interest may exist. Finally, don't, if you don't want to be financially hurt, speak up against a DA who send his "investigators" to Sutter or Yolo County, was it, to look in on a man beaten to death at the hands of RPD and not even take a phone picture of his ballooned head and face. Last but not least, don't mention, even though you helped to elect the presiding DA, just how sad and heartbroken you are for your fellow citizens and the condition of JUST-US again in Shasta County. EX-DA Benito would be proud Mr. Carlton. PS I did not leave the road to run up on Mr. Haglan lawn our streets have no curbs only gutters. Our senior back directly into our roads making it especially dangerous for them when people come through here doing 3 times the safe speed and texting. Last but not least, Not a drop of pepperspray ever hit Mr. Haglan, it comes out colored, in this case it was white, like paint, very clear the cloud was at least 3 feet from his head. A warning, not to attempt to sucker punch me in one of my 8 Agent Orange vascular surgeries, or spit on me again, or have his legs ran over by my back wheels as I departed. It worked as it was intended. For someone that has been in similar situations maybe 60-70 times in their previous life, I'll be asking my jury to believe me when I tell them, I, and I alone, know a very dangerous man and a dangerous domestic problem exist when someone who's home and neighborhood you've volunteered when asked and watched over for two years while they slept. If you were treated this way, or ever are, something is not making sense....out of the other 5 folks, I've had words with, for the 1,000 I'm personally connected too, all 5 lived in our 7/11 drug houses, we are down to 1 or maybe two with the new one. You can ask my neighbors, if you dare, who is responsible and who can take credit for how it is today, and who was on duty being paid millions ($25 MIllion a year) while it got that way. It didn't happen on my watch.
In the military, we all take an oath, to protect and serve our country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I never untook that oath. THAT Mr, DA is who I think I am.

Thursday, May 5, 2016




Earl Allen Boek
EARL BOEK - Today at 6:49 am
I pledge at least 2,000 citizen votes against this new sales tax vote attempt. I guess the council and others think if they throw this rotten egg up on the wall enough times it's bound to stick. I wholeheartedly disagree. Why? Lack of accountability on the city council, lack of accountability by the union ran Redding Police Department, lack of accountability of the past city council members who raided our CITIZEN owned REU profit margin, while sticking our seniors and others with rate increases, and the sense of entitlement by ex officials, or at least one past mayor who believes all he has to do is ask for it and the city will give him the rest of a Citizen (city) owned South City Park for his personal field of dreams. Enough. Where are the cameras promised by the chief before the last failed tax vote? He says the police union doesn't want them. Exactly why they're needed. It's unarmed citizens killed or beat to death while in police custody (so badly they have to be hidden in out of the county hospitals) that make these cameras a necessity. I have three of them mounted on my car's windshield. They sell for $39 bucks each on TV. All these usage and storage issues are "a lot of who shot John" as Judge Judy's words. Locally, we'll never really know "who shot John" due to the fact, we have no recorded record of these gang shootings, we have one local police agency "investigating" another (a clear case of conflict of interest) coupled with a weak, rubber-stamping DA's office that is starting to bring back memories of Convict a Tuna Sandwich Benito. No Accountability, No personal officer cams (complete this time before the vote in November) Continued local inter-agency, conflict of interest "investigations" NO NEW TAXES PERIOD. _citizenactivist
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Earl Allen Boek Yes, I have a bone to pick with this local Just-Us System, who would allow a 15-year, Union RPD officer to arrest a Volunteer (3,000 hours, 15,000 miles, now over 2 years of safety patrols, without incident) arrest me on the word of a local neighborhood drunk, with over 63 pages of Shasta County DUI and women abuse, charges. Arrest me for defending myself with pepper spray against this known wacked out drunk who a neighbor attempted to have arrested by RPD for threats made to here young daughters by this fool, but was talked out of it by the another officer, due to "the need to have evidence against him" ?????????????
Earl Allen Boek My defense it costing me over $20,000 but it's going to cost them about $11 million a year, if you can even trust their word or figures. As God is my witness. There is nearly 5,000 likes on this group alone, please give me 2,000 likes and 2,000 shares and 2,000 pledges to vote against tax increases without accountability.