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REDDING, CA, Warning From Local Neighbor On What Happens To Those That Speak Up Against The Redding JUST-US SYSTEM.

REDDING, CA,  Warning From Local Neighbor On What Happens 
To Those That Speak Up Against The Redding JUST-US SYSTEM.

Be careful, Capt. My friend was not the guilty party and the RPD 
ruined his life. They put him on probation, he had to wear a 
bracelet, he lost his job and his home they threatened him at 
his home and he could not leave the county for several years. 
After the probation ended,, they moved to Oregon and are 
starting a new life there. God be with you!

Redding Crime, I Can Almost Taste All Those Safety Tax Benefits Coming Our Way... We'll Be Safe, Safe, Safe..

I Can Almost Taste All Those Safety Tax Benefits Coming Our Way... We'll Be Safe, Safe, Safe..5m ago

Earl Allen Boek from Mount Vista Subdivision
Earl Allen Boek from Mount Vista Subdivision
I keep hearing about community meetings with Chief Paoletti.
How he and the community are sick and tired of the crime
that seems to have taken hold in every Greater Redding
subdivision and community. He is frustrated, he says, and
we for sure are. Meeting after meeting, article after article
in our local paper and on our news tv
 channels. All with the
same, SONG AND DANCE. "We need more officers, If we
had another 20,30,50 million we could stop all this crime."

"It's our own fault for not passing the so called, "safety tax"
and giving RPD and the city council another blank check,
like the City of Anderson, finally did. Things are so good
down there now, that their chief has not even had to
compile the crime data from last year! Money is flowing.
Fill out the PO and the Council will see the check covered.
All this with no Public Owned Utility To Continually Rob.
All it took was the passing of that "Safety Tax."

So, if I'm a Lock and Step member of the local Peace
Officers Association and a Union Member with 15 years
or so on the force, I've pretty much moved up and had
most of the advancement I'm going to get in a city like
Redding, where a poor economy has slowed the movement
to the area from the bays of SF and LA. What to do?
Hire another 20-30 officers, with full pay in benefits, give
em all that plus 75% of their monthly salaries when the retire.
For the rest of their lives and give that loyal 15 year union
officer a fat raise to help supervise all those new employees.

That should stop this crime wave. It should, but sadly, It
will not.

They know it won't but our safety and our Nextdoor Neighbor's
security and peace of mind, our NOT on the top or their priority
list. I can give your the evidence to support this deduction, but
your one of our LEADs and should already see it. I ask you to
share this post and the one above with your neighbors. In spite
of what you are being told, volunteers do work, they work well
when and if they are supported by local law enforcement. You
can make a difference in your local crime, really it the only
crime you can actually do anything about yourselves. Just
writing blank checks and trying to be the squeaky wheel for
your neighborhood will only show very limited results.

Don't let my pepper spray arrest deter you, as it was intended
to do, just look at the timing of the event, and their star
witness against me, so far we've uncovered 63 pages of
past offenses (lots of DUI actions) and more counting....
multiple abuses of women and a very recent attempt to
have him arrested, along with a requested restraining order
by his closest neighbor. This guy doesn't get along with

With my high priced, out of the area, defense attorneys
and their experience and investigators, I actually am looking
forward to the trial(s) mine, and theirs that will follow.

So, I'm calling a crime meeting. You and your Nextdoor
Neighbors are all invited. The chief is welcome to come,
but he won't be the guest of honor, our local union leader
for RPD and the other Law Enforcement agencies will be.
They are the ones running things around the city. Don't
believe me? Next meeting ask Chief Paoletti.

Nextdoor Citizen's Safety Patrol
Capt Earl Allen Boek
530-604-1881 24/7

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Earl Allen Boek

5:40 AM (7 minutes ago)
to Carole
Could not find a link on electronic media...In spite of your
papers rather slanted take on the false charges I'm still
facing, you should know  the DA and RPD's  (star witness 
against me) melted down yesterday. A neighbor, like me,
who has also had a 2 year problem with my accuser will
be getting restraining orders today, for his actions here in
our community. 

Please submit the following to LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
IF YOU WOULD Carole.  

A Heartfelt Thank You For All Your Continued Words Of Encouragement & SupportJust now

Earl Allen Boek from Mount Vista Subdivision
Photo from Earl Allen Boek
One of my neighbors writes:
Barbara Mc Clough from Mount Vista Subdivision

Keep the faith. Good people will win in the end.
I will add you to my prayer list. You know God
can change your life and bless your work. I do
appreciate your efforts to keep us safe from
dishonest people that would steal or destroy others
property thank you.
Appreciate your words of encouragement Barbara, without
God, I would not have made it this far. As I sat in the jail
cell, knowing the charges I faced, the arrest that had taken
place, and the trial(s) that would come from it, were all based
on false charges against me, I realized that God had a plan
to turn it all around for good.

I believe part of that plan was to help expose a IN-just-US
system of business that puts people's safety and security
in second place behind RPD's union dues, benefits and power.

Capt Earl Allen Boek
Nextdoor Citizens Safety Patrol
530-604-1881 24/7
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