Saturday, September 10, 2016


These highly controlled and staged events don't change the facts. These measures were already voted on and turned down by the voters. Re-colored and re-packaged as a "safety" tax, it is highly unlikely that given this blank check by the citizens of Redding would actually make any of them a bit safer. In fact, judging from recent events and history the opposite is more likely. Many Redding residents are totally happy with the detailed study purchased by the tax-payer that showed (after comparing our police department with others nationwide) that RPD's problems with coverage was NOT having enough officers on the payroll, but the way they were being scheduled. Since the looting of the CITIZEN owned Redding Electric Utility was discovered (millions a year were siphoned from REU's profit) forcing rates to go up to seniors like my own 84 year old mother, to pay the outrageous saleries and pensions of existing and retiring officers, the city has hunted for a way to replace THAT blank check. Don't be fooled by the shell game. Having new funds, instead of using City reserves, while cost and fees in every agency increased, including RPD once very bloated budget and force, these new taxes, will allow the city to continue doing business like they have instead of making real changes. If successful they can then use general funds for more funded and unfunded pensions, including pensions for new hires. The known pension liability admitted too of over $200 million is only the tip of the iceburg, they know it, and you need to know it. This is the same city council that put citizen comments at meetings at the end of the sessions. That shut down a panel of volunteers who were getting too close to the truth how REU was being operated and where monies were going, regarding rate increases. Who refused to make the results of the first draft available to the same citizens they hooked to pay for it. No Accountibility Equals No Safety Tax.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Redding Citizens BEWARE Politician Past and Present Are Stealing Your Land and Birthright.

The lastest SPEAK YOUR PIECE article found in
your printed paper is NOT showing up on your
electronic version. Since it is a political piece and
promoting the so called "safety" tax issues, can
we assume this was done on purpose, to ward
off any comment? Or just maybe an over-sight?

The writer list many good things these tax measures
will bring the city and county. Sadly, he has a bad
memory, there is not guarentee what-so-ever that
voters would actually get any of the promised
benefits being touted by the promoters of these
measures. However, there is plenty of evidence
that suggest, if these measures were lucky enough
to be passed by voters, those holding the purse
strings will do exactly what they've done in the
past, use these funds as a blank check to help
fund or off-set the funding of pensions funded and
unfunded, pluse the new pensions required if we
actually allow RPD to hire more officers, when a
recent study, costing $155,000 of tax payers
money found, that RPD did not have a officer
shortage when compared to other cities the same
size nationwide, but it did have a scheduling
problem. Evidence about how city management
and councils will react and treat such information
can be found when this first draft of the study
was kept from the public (voters) citizens with
even talk about setting it a fire so it could never
be seen.

Not to mention the funds needed already exist
in the general fund. Sounds just like the South
City Playground, someone has their eyes on
these funds maybe to help acquire them a
piece of citizen owned land to compliment
their private businesses, when they leave office.