Monday, March 9, 2015

Karatbars Presentation

The latest explanation of our business plan and how things work.

To be successful and to prosper in any business is not as easy 
as one may think.  Actually, take it from me and my 40 years in
this industry, ALL THE STARS MUST LINE UP for you to win. 
The stars I'm speaking of, are the company (it's place in time)
The product (it's mass appeal) The Timing (example is how
the baby-boomers effected every market as they grew older)
The Leadership and Training (people must be willing and 
get rewarded for helping you succeed) Finally, The Pay-Plan.
If their not willing to share generously with the people that earn,
none of the rest matters. Honestly I tell you, one that does all
this comes along once, maybe twice in your life-time. You 
either pull the trigger this time, or wait for the next one, if there
ever is a next one. Watch the presentation and get back to me
with any questions. Of course, no one can promise you success
in any field, but I can promise you, we've removed all the 
obstacles that keep people from being successful, the rest is
up to you._Earl Allen Boek