Monday, January 16, 2017

Having just faced off with this District Attorney and having owned 2 law offices, one in LA county I can say without reservation. STEPHANIE BRIDGETT is Not

Unjust and unethical behavior by her and her existing staff, DA Josh Brown, withholding evidence that would otherwise stop a case from going further then a preliminary hearing, then continuing to withhold that same evidence until the last night of the trial, but making sure it's included in the juries evidence file to cover your tracks, disqualifies any DA from further advancement. This is evidence that is ordered turned over to the defense at least thirty days in advance, Furthermore after getting a guilty decision in such a fashion, DA's in the hallway all patting each other on the backs, should disqualify them all.

So proud measure D went down in smoke, 20 less cops equal 20% or less business for these folks and any further expansion of what now can again be called the Shasta County JUST-US SYSTEM. In a land where "Lets make a deal' insures a high conviction rate an actual trial requires lying and cheating and wining at any cost.

Gerry Benito would be proud of this bunch.

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