Thursday, January 26, 2017

Shasta County JUST-US System Alive and Well Gerry Benito Would Be Proud

 Like I told the judge, da and a probation officer, many times Christians find themselves at odds with Man's Law, God's Law and man's don't always agree. Entire chapters in the Bible are dedicated to what Christians are to do when they are hauled in front of the Judge and courts. We are told not to think ahead what we will say, God will provide it in our time of need. In my case, I took the Bible mom had given me when I left for Vietnam. Figured it got me through that deal okay. I asked the judge (Bockman, old retired fellow, if he remembered the old Perry Mason TV programs, reminded him that they always had a scene at the beginning of every trial where a witness put their hand on the Bible and swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Sadly the Bible has been stricken from the Court Room. I let them know why I brought mine as instructed by the scriptures. The WORD is called the Sword of The Spirit. A Christian is outfitted with the Sword of The Spirit, Belt of Truth and other Armor of God (Google it) when he dresses for Spiritual warfare. So I let the judge know why I had a Bible on my desk during the entire trial, NOT to influence the jury but to help me ward of EVIL which someone said spelled backwards is LIVE People or things that are evil are people living life backwards opposite of God's Law., things not positive to Life. But that is for another comment. Like I told them, What good would it do me to put on a Belt of Truth in Spirit daily sInce 1985 then come to court and Lie in the Flesh? Makes no sense at all. Just saying. I told him, how I find myself here today, Every time one of them lied about me I told the truth about them. Smile My lawyer told me before I spoke, he thought the judge would go light on me, if I didn't say too much. I left with a Felony Conviction. And I'm pretty sure I heard God say to me, "Well done my son." This week I appealed my BS conviction. If you come before it, stand up to this "LET'S MAKE A DEAL GAME SHOW DA'S OFFICE"

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