Thursday, January 19, 2017

REDDING CITY HALL Finally Someone Is Getting The Message Besides Just Me Smile

As the first Redding citizen to suggest RPD needed to outfit their police force with cameras, I would be in favor of, and help lead the call for passage of a sales tax, similar to Measure D, as soon as the entire force is outfitted with a meaningful personal camera system.

This entire RPD force needs cameras on all their officers as soon as possible. Had they had them a few years ago when first suggested my guess as Measure D would have passed with flying colors last November. 

May I suggest you start with your more senior and veteran officers who seem to set the tone for the rest of the force and union file. Officer Jacob Provencio who chewed out my attorney, because he told my attorney, after he "testified" in court, my attorney "made him look like a fool" would be a real good start. Read the court transcripts, I'll have a free copy made soon.

There are other reasons besides him "looking like a fool" but we'll save them for another day.

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